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Organic Cotton Deluxe 260 TC Pillowcases
Organic Cotton Deluxe 260 TC Pillowcases
Organic Cotton Deluxe 260 TC Pillowcases
Item#: 260pillowcases
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Product Description
The ultimate expression of bedding elegance, our super soft organic cotton duvet cover provides you unmatched sleeping luxury. These pure and natural organic cotton combed sateen covers will leave you feeling more rested, serene, and delightfully refreshed every morning. Feel good about sleeping on product free of pesticide or toxic chemical processing. The upscale design includes inner tie-in to prevent the insert from slipping. Organic cotton softness, high-quality strength, durability, and purity. The other design factor includes extra overlap to hold inserts in place and has very soft luxurious touch found in very high end duvet covers. It is packaged in all Organic packaging to maintain the purity of organic products. This manufacturer has paid attention to all the details to be luxurious and still be Organic. You will see no vinyl packaging, no polyester, no softener, and no harmful chemicals. Just pure and natural. A great product to sleep under. These sheets emphasis on styling, color and organic purity, even the packaging is organic. Soft combed organic cotton provides the comfort and the styling adds to beauty of the bedroom. All manufacturing and finishing done under strict organic certification standards. This manufacturer (OrganicTextiles LLC) brings organics to the next level.

Standard: 20x26
King: 20x36

Product Rating: 5 out of 5

Reviewed: Sat March 14 22:32:24 2009 by KS

Amazing value in organic. I purchased one set and will buy 3 more sets for other bedrooms. It makes sense to buy organic, specially when they are this good.